Product outline

name: EPITALON® Spray

action: Regulates melatonin production

type: Food supplement

form: Oral spray (20 ml)

Current situation
Disruption of melatonin production leads to problems with sleep. The most popular solution to the problem in modern world, suggested by doctors — supplements and drugs with melatonin.

Systematic intake of synthetic melatonin is considered hormone therapy and leads
to further health issues and addiction.
In the age of international travel, shift work and personal gadgets that disrupt a research of the body's clock could hardly be timelier. The internal clock is now regarded as a key feature of healthy, effective and long life.
Nobel Prize

In 2017 The Noble Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded for discovering of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythms.

* (Sample, I. (2018). Nobel prizes 2017: everything you need to know about circadian rhythms. [online] the Guardian. Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/oct/02/no... [Accessed Nov. 2018].)
Disrupting circadian rhythms – through jetlag, shift work and etc , disrupts the rhythms of hundreds of genes that are normally drawn to maintain, repair and protect the body, thus can raise the risk of multiple diseases and disruptions of systems in our body.

Maintaining circadian rhythms in different life conditions is crucial for a healthy, productive and long lasting life

Scientifically proven and safe

Complex of amino acids that re-aligne internal body clock with the day-night cycle by physiological induction of synthesis of natural melatonin.

— Normalizes level of melatonin

— Adjusts circadian rhythms

— Prevents jet lag and travel fatigue

— Reduces insomnia

Product description

Active ingredient: EPITALON® — a signal molecule comprised of four essential amino acids.

It was created by Vladimir Khavinson (website: khavinson-peptides.com), a Russian professor and gerontologist, whose research focused on the development of peptide preparations used to restore function in various organs in order to prevent and reverse the ageing process.


EPITALON® is one of the only scientifically supported compounds that has measurable, safe and profound action on the pineal gland, region (part) of the brain that is a subject of increasing research and study today - in that it controls and regulates neuronal tone and sleep/wake cycles.

Additional information

Produced and packaged in Portugal.

Components of EPITALON® formula undergo special selection and maximal quality control which makes the product highly physiological, free of any side effects and compatible with all other medications or products.

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